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Target Discovery’s next generation clinical diagnostics utilize new technologies to uniquely discriminate the specific isoform modifications of protein biomarkers. These Isonostics™ products transform the effectiveness of disease diagnosis, patient profiling in clinical trials, and therapy optimization, bringing “Personalized Medicine” from concept to reality.

TDI’s internal programs focus on the development of isoform-specific cancer diagnostics. Through collaborative partnerships, we also customize the application of our discovery and clinical platforms to other disease areas and broader challenges in life sciences R&D.

Isoform diagnostics are enabled through TDI’s unique immuno-affinity capillary electrophoresis technology. While developing initial diagnostics based upon known isoform biomarkers, TDI’s patented “mass defect” and stable isotope technologies provide a unique discovery engine that reaches beyond current boundaries to identify and validate new biomarkers for an expanding pipeline of isoform diagnostics.

Our technology innovations are forging missing links in the evolutionary pathway “From Omics To Knowmics™," using hypothesis-driven science to advance biological discovery and understanding, and ultimately to contribute to improved healthcare and quality of life.

Corporate Strategy

TDI’s core business focus in isoform-specific cancer diagnostics is now ready for commercial implementation. We are attracting $30M in venture and strategic funding, to develop and commercialize 10 Cancer Isonostics™ assays with breakthrough relevance for diagnostics and personalized medicine. TDI is also selectively engaging in product, service and licensing offerings of technologies outside of our core Cancer Isonostics™ focus.

TDI Technologies and Products

From $12.5M in private funding and NIH SBIR grant support, TDI has developed an interlocking portfolio of enabling platform technologies for discovery biology, overcoming critical limitations in current proteomics, isoformics, metabolomics, systems biology and diagnostics capabilities. TDI’s proprietary technologies include nine issued and allowed US patents and numerous pending US and international patents, spanning seminal breakthroughs across these fields.

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