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 Company Overview

Target Discovery discovers, validates, and utilizes protein isoforms to improve clinical diagnosis and management of disease. A growing body of scientific literature shows that protein isoforms correlate more precisely with disease state and patient-specific treatment response than current clinical biomarkers. Most protein isoforms (90%) are made by the body after the protein is produced (post-translational modifications). Such protein modifications remain largely inaccessible to current immunodiagnostic and nucleic acid clinical assays. Target Discovery's Isonostic™ products are designed to make this isoform biomarker information accessible to clinicians.

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Focus On Cancer

TDI has selected oncology as its initial focus for Isonostics™ development, in critical applications where existing diagnostics are unavailable or inadequate. Clinical research is revealing that isoform changes are critically relevant, and there are compelling motives for improved patient outcomes and for significant health economic benefits. TDI’s first three Isonostic™ products will address prostate cancer aggressiveness, and chemotherapy selection in breast and ovarian cancer.   read more

Partnered Programs

Outside of our cancer focus, TDI works with companies to develop Isonostic™ assays for other diseases where protein isoforms are known or suspected to be useful biomarkers. The development of assays to determine patient-specific response profiles relative to drug efficacy or toxicology (Theranostics) is an area of partnering interest.

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Learn more about Partnered Programs  


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