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 UltraTrol™ Dynamic Pre-Coatings

UltraTrol™ Selection and Use

3 Products Available!

UltraTrol™ is offered in several formulations that allow the user to select the appropriate UltraTrol™ dynamic pre-coating to optimize their separation outcomes, within the pH and buffer requirements stipulated by the run buffer.

In addition to being relatively independent of pH and buffer selection, a critical value delivered by UltraTrol™ is the outstanding reproducibility of separation control that it provides for the selected running conditions (note the +/- standard deviation error bars for lot-to-lot variation in the graph below).

Figure. Electroosmotic mobilities (μEOF) measured for several UltraTrol™ dynamic pre-coat
formulations as a function of pH. Control measurements of EOF for the buffers alone in a bare
silica capillary are shown as black solid circles (note reversal of EOF at low pH when UltraTrol™ is not present).

UltraTrol™ HN = "High Normal" EOF
(EOF like bare silica capillaries, but without reversal at low pH)

UltraTrol™ LN = "Low Normal" EOF
(EOF like the best coated capillaries, but independent of pH and buffer selection)

UltraTrol™ HR = "High Reverse" EOF
(EOF like UltraTrol™ HN, but with EOF running in reverse direction)

The complete UltraTrol™ Product Technical Guide containing detailed information to assist in product selection and in planning optimized separations utilizing UltraTrol™, is available for your convenience in a downloadable PDF format.

Including the selection guide shown above, the UltraTrol™ Product Technical Guide contains the following sections:

UltraTrol™ Dynamic Pre-Coatings
UltraTrol™ Properties
Coating Stability
Compatibility with Hyphenated CE Methods
--Mass Spectrometry
--Low-UV Detection
Capillary Regeneration

UltraTrol™ Application Notes


UltraTrol™ Dynamic Pre-Coating User Manual

When you are ready to put UltraTrol™ to work in the laboratory, or you are ready to begin designing an SOP for the use of UltraTrol™, a succinct UltraTrol™ Dynamic Pre-Coating User Manual is available for your convenience in a downloadable PDF format.

UltraTrol™ Certificate of Analysis

A certificate of analysis, documenting the internal performance testing results on each lot of UltraTrol™, is available in a downloadable PDF format at:


UltraTrol™ Safety Data Sheet

One copy of the UltraTrol™ SDS is provided with every shipment of UltraTrol™. For your convenience, the UltraTrol™ SDS may also be downloaded in PDF format.   

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